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How it Works

We learn about
your business and estimate
how many additional
points we can make you
We build your
Genius Plan to generate
the max points, build your
credit, and minimize
your fees
We carry out
your Genius Plan for
you so theprocess is hassle
- free and blooper-proof,
maximizing your benefits
from the credit card
We help you spend
your points, booking
Premium Travel for you
at the best rates, so you
can live rich!

An Example E-commerce Store

Store Info

Annual Revenue:
$2 million
Credit Card Use:
Key Spending Areas:

Points Earned

This store could get 1.8 million points in one year!
1.8 Million Points

Redeem Miles

2 million points is worth:
  • $18,000
  • 10 first class flights
  • 25+ 5 star hotel nights
  • One dream vacation

How does it Work?

Today, points and miles have tremendous value, just like money, stocks, and gold. Credit Card companies issue millions of points every year and turn a huge profit from unused and underused points.

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Success Stories

Jewelry Supply Wholesaler
Wholesale Jewelry Company
Biggest Expense: Inventory
Earned: 1 Million Points
Perks: 7 Nights in a 5-Star Hotel in Venice

"Larry's company does about $10 million in sales per year between its three separate divisions. They had been using a credit card to pay for some of their invoices, but many of them were paid with either check, direct deposit or debit card. Larry and his wife wanted to travel and, while they enjoy going first class, the tickets and hotel rooms were too expensive. They hired Miles Genius, and they were amazed at what our Geniuses found."

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Lion’s Deal Restaurant Supply Co.
Ecommerce Company (NY)
Biggest Expense: Shipping
Earned: 3 Million Miles
Perks: Employee Retreat at the St. Regis in California

"Lion’s Deal is a small ecommerce company selling restaurant supplies to catering companies, hotels, restaurants, churches, and consumers throughout the US. They were charging some of their business expenses on credit cards without giving much thought to how to generate Miles. The company is family owned and operated, so when one of the employees, David, read a blog about the value of Miles, he knew he could approach his boss, Fred, with a radical way to increase the company’s profits."

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Accounting Firm
Accounting Firm (FL)
Biggest Expense: Travel
Earned: 400 Thousand Points
Perks: Quality Time with our Children

Work in this Accounting firm entails a lot of travel, including on-site visits in clients’ offices and to locations throughout the Washington, D.C. area. Alex’s employees paid their own travel expenses, mainly in cash, and were reimbursed by check or direct deposit. Even though Alex understood he was missing out on a lot of credit card points, he was skeptical about whether the points were worthwhile when he first met with Miles Genius; there never seemed to be availability for the dates that his employees needed to fly or the airports they wanted to fly between.

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Anonymous, Not-for-Profit
Not-for-Profit (NJ)
Biggest Expense: Office Supplies and Travel
Earned: 500 Thousand Points
Perks: Free Flights for the Organization’s Fundraisers

This not-for-profit organization was using a single credit card for all of its expenses, including a hundred thousand dollars on office supplies and last-minute travel bookings for its fundraisers to go meet with potential donors. Miles Genius applied for some additional cards that give special bonuses for money spent on supplies and by moved their payments to the right credit cards, earning them an additional 500k points per year. Miles Genius also saved them tons of cash by suggesting they get rid of their previous card, which had a very expensive renewal fee.

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