Frequently Asked Questions

1Why Use Miles Genius?

Who is Miles Genius?

Miles Genius is a group of experts on the Frequent Flier and Credit Card systems who can help you maximize your points while protecting your credit. There have been people around for a while who have made a hobby out of researching good deals on miles and tips for maximizing credit card usage, but Miles Genius is the first company to offer fully customized plans to help your business make the most of its spending. You can learn more about the company on our About Us page, and more about what we do on our How it Works page.

What exactly are “Miles”?

Miles, or points, are a form of currency- free money you earn by spending money. They can be redeemed for cash, used to buy gift cards, electronics, and other items, or traded in for flights or upgraded travel, such as flying First Class and free nights at great hotels.

Most of my business expenses are paid by check and direct deposit. Can Miles Genius help me?

Yes. You may be surprised by which of your expenses can actually be paid for with a credit card and how many miles you are losing out on by not doing so. Miles Genius can not only show you where you are missing out, but tell you exactly which credit card you should use to pay for each expense to get the most points per dollar.

I don’t fly! Is Miles Genius for me?

Absolutely. The Miles Genius team can also show you how to use points to generate additional equity for your company, your partners, or yourself. We can also discuss with you why flying might be something to consider (for a brief explanation, see Are miles the most valuable way to take advantage of spending on my credit card?). Remember that you don’t personally have to fly to take advantage of miles; you can turn them into amazing travelling perks for your employees, offering upgraded trips as bonuses and using miles to book team-building company retreats.

2Benefits & Our No-Risk Guarantee

How can I use the points that I earn?

You can either redeem the points for cash back or use the miles to upgrade your travel. Miles Genius even has its own booking service, where we can help you get the best flights with your points.

How many miles can I really earn?

It all depends on how large your company’s expenditures are. We have helped small companies with monthly expenditures of 15k generate 300k points per year, while larger companies with a budget of 100k per month can get up to 1.5 to 2 million in miles every year.

Are miles the most valuable way to take advantage of spending on my credit card?

Yes.  You can earn up to 2% cash back by earning points in a cash back program, points can be worth much more in terms of cash value.  For instance, a first-class ticket to Hong Kong sells for $15k. You can book the same first class ticket with 135k points, valuing our points at 11 cents per mile. In this scenario, the use of points to book premium travel is equivalent to getting 11% cash back.

How long will it take me to earn a trip?

While it will depend on how much your company spends on a monthly basis, Miles Genius can help you earn enough points for qualify for your free flight in as little as 40 days.

What if there is no availability on the dates I want to travel?

Miles Genius will diversify your miles so that even if nothing is available from one airline on the dates you want to travel, we can find you something on a different flight. Our Genius travel agents are experts in this field and have spent years learning the in’s and out’s of award ticket booking.

Will it hurt my credit score?

All members of the Miles Genius Team are trained to protect your credit score during every step of the process. We will not only recommend the best credit cards while protecting your credit, we will also teach you exactly when and how to apply for and use those cards, at a conservative, steady pace, so that there is minimal risk to your credit and maximum benefit from spending.

What is the No-Risk Guarantee?

Miles Genius guarantees that you will earn more value in points than you will pay for your membership or your money back.

3Security & Legality

Is my information secure?

Yes. Miles Genius takes several precautions to make sure your information is secure, including encrypting your info, partnering with McCaffee Security, and locking information on our hard drives.

I’ve heard that purchasing points is illegal. How can you sell me points if it is against the law?

Miles Genius does not sell you points, but instead helps your company generate points from your regular business expenses. By creating a plan customized for your business that includes a combination of opening credit cards, minimizing renewal fees, moving expenditures between credit cards, and many other techniques and secrets we can teach you, Miles Genius can help your company generate hundreds of thousands of points legally and safely.

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