What We Do

We build a customized plan to help you generate the maximum number of Miles for your business, without changing your business model or your day-to-day expenses. Here’s how:

  1. 1We learn about your business: where you spend money, how you pay bills, and the number of officers can all make a difference in how many Points you can get.
  2. 2We’ll make an estimate of how many Miles you can accumulate annually by following our recommendations. If you’re not impressed, you can walk away- the only thing you will lose is the opportunity to turn money you spend into Miles you earn.
  3. 3When you accept, we’ll get to work building your customized Genius Plan to generate the maximum number of points, build your credit, and minimize fees for your company. We will review the plan together to make sure it meets your goals and that you are confident you can maintain it.
  4. 4Our Geniuses can carry out each step of your Genius Plan for you, using their in-depth knowledge of the Frequent Flier and Credit Card systems to make sure you get the most Miles out of your company’s expenses. They will protect your credit while applying for new cards and assist you in meeting your spending thresholds in a way that maximizes your dollars.
  5. 5You will see an immediate increase in the Miles you earn once you begin following our recommendations. Stick to the Genius Plan- the only way to protect your credit score and maintain continuous benefits in the frequent flyer system is to proceed at the conservative, steady pace we have outlined for you.
  6. 6You can redeem your points or miles for cash or turn them into amazing traveling perks for yourself and your employees. We will run a cost-benefit analysis to help you understand the true value of your Miles so you can use them in the most efficient way. Our Geniuses are also experts at award ticket booking, and we can help you book the perfect flight to get the most value out of your Miles.
  7. 7The Frequent Flier system is always changing, and new bonuses and opportunities come up all the time. We can keep you up to date with regards to the changes that may affect your ability to earn even more Miles.


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